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Craft breathtaking websites, web apps, mobile interfaces, wireframes, and prototype app mockups in just minutes, driven by AI. No design background needed!

Uizard Ai


What is Uizard used for?

Uizard AI is an advanced UI design tool, supercharged with AI, that lets users craft wireframes, mockups, and prototypes swiftly. With its AI capabilities, Uizard enables users to create UI designs from textual descriptions, turn hand-drawn sketches into polished wireframes, and convert screenshots into modifiable designs. It also offers an extensive collection of ready-to-use design templates and UI elements, promoting quick and collaborative brainstorming and refinement.

What are the latest launches?

Uizard Autodesigner - Uizard's newest AI design tool, Autodesigner, allows users to create designs spanning multiple screens using just a brief text description. Simply type in a few phrases, and watch as the AI transforms your concept into reality in mere seconds

Here are some methods for utilizing it:

Uizard harnesses AI to help you craft outstanding mobile and desktop app experiences. Begin with a rough, hand-drawn sketch or wireframe, and Uizard will effortlessly transform it into a polished UI screen. Its user interface is akin to popular design tools like Figma or Sketch, but it's packed with advanced technology. What's more, you don’t need to be an expert designer to use it! It's an excellent option for non-designers, developers, marketers, or anyone eager to quickly create professional websites, landing pages, and UI screens.
How you can utilize Uizard:

  • Convert a sketch into a wireframe
  • Transform a wireframe into a detailed mock-up
  • Design custom websites and landing pages
  • Apply it in your role as a UX/UI or Product Designer
  • Use it as a non-designer or developer with AI support
  • Employ ready-made or custom templates
  • Utilize drag-and-drop functions to quickly realize your ideas